About us

Lorenz Macke from  Hanover/Germany is sinece the  80s active in the music-scene.. 
DJ, Record company, publisher, management, radio-show, completed with this EPOPSHOP (sprshop)

At the beginning in 1990, this mailorder just sold material from bands which are signed by the record company Synthetic Product Records and we personally and directly worked with.  (Mesh, Colony5, Lavantgarde, De/Vision, Red Flag, FAQ....) . Bands where we have more items, are listed in the main-menu.
We have more than just CD: Rarites, Promo-Items, signed items, items from other countries. 

From 1996 several CDs from scandinavia and Usa where bought and sold though this mailorder.

Some items are exclusivly availalbe here in the shop or we have the last items !

Sometimes we sell tickets for events by DJ Lo-Renz.

More and more people asked for items and for the chance for a comftable and save order , so we restarted this shop on in 2016.
Maybe there will be new items in the future. The newsletter will inform you.